Pool Maintenance


Whether you have purchased a home with an existing pool or have installed someting brand new we congratulate you on your investment! Pool ownership is a rewarding practice and with some basic knowledge and time spent on weekly maintenance you can expect endless hours of summer enjoyment.


Follow these guidelines to keep your pool operating efficiently and maintain a safe, balanced water composition:



STEP 1:          Test the pool water weekly for Free Chlorine and pH.  The water can be tested using test strips or by a drop test kit.  The Free Chlorine level should be 1-3 ppm.  The chlorine can be adjusted by turning up the percentage in the Settings menu on the main control panel.  The pH should be maintained at 7.2-7.6.  The pH is lowered using “PH Down”.  Generally adding a kilogram each week will keep the pH at the correct level.  Do not let the pH stay high.


STEP2:           Test the pool water monthly for Salt, Alkalinity, Stabilizer, and Calcium.  Test strips or a drop test kit may be used.  The Salt level is displayed in the Default menu of the control panel.  It is recommended that you independently check the level as a matter of good practice. This may be done using test strips.  Recommended chemical levels are shown on the inside cover of the control panel.

To raise Salt level – add 1 bag into pool and brush around to dissolve

To raise Alkalinity – add 4 or 8 kg pail of “Buffer”

To raise Stabilizer -place 2.5kg. “Stabilizer Sticks” into skimmer basket

To raise Calcium – add 4 or 8 kg pail directly into pool and brush around to dissolve.

Each product should indicate the amount required to bring water to desired levels. Use a calculator to determine how much water is in your swimming pool.  L x W x Average depth = Volume or go to: http://www.swimmingpool.com/testing-water/pool-volume-calculator

STEP 3:          Keep the water line clean.  Keep a sponge by the pool and regularly wipe around the top while swimming.

Empty the skimmer basket as needed.  Empty the pump basket as needed.  Clean the filter cartridges when the pressure reaches 18 psi.

STEP 4:          To maintain maximum performance it is recommended that you remove and visually inspect the salt cell every 3 months.  The control panel flashes “inspect cell” to remind you.  The cell usually has no visible deposits and may be put back on (there is no up and down ).  Should there be a build-up on the plates inside the cell, try spraying it off with a high pressure garden hose.  If the scale does not come off it may be cleaned with an acid solution.  It is recommended to have a pool professional do this.